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Nashville tree how-to articles by Nashville tree service and certified arborist, Kaily's Tree Service. Kaily's Tree Service specializes in high quality, professional tree services at competitive prices in Nashville and the Tennessee Valley .  Whether it is tree trimming, stump grinding, tree services, tree diseases and pests, controlling lace bugs on an Azalea shrub or removal of a hazardous 100' oak tree, we are equipped to handle your tree care needs.

Below are tree care articles we put together to help you better care for your trees. Check back often as this page is updated weekly. Enjoy these tree how-to articles.


Tree Diseases and Cure


Is Your Tree a Hazard? Things to Watch for to Determine Potential Tree Hazards
Detection and Treatment of Conks
Canker infestation of trees

How to detect and cure Aphid infestation in Nashville

Detecting and treating Lace Bug infestation

Heart Rot in Trees

Identifying Pin Needle Scale in Trees


Nashville Tree Management


How to Plant a New Tree: A Guide to Planting
Tennessee Urban Area Tree Types
Identification and Care of Magnolia Trees

Identification and Care of White Ash Trees

Now is time to replace your dead trees in Nashville

The benifits of tree cutting

The right way to prune your trees

Why you should continue watering your trees today

Nashville tree expert advises more tree watering as states lose millions of trees

How to Deal With Storm and Lightning Damage to Trees

How to Plant a Tree

Identifying and Caring for White Birch Trees

Tree Cabling – How and When to use it

Mealy Bugs – What are they and How to get rid of them?


Nashville Tree Health


Proper Care for Young Trees: Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy
Orange Tree Care and Maintenance
Limiting Damage to Trees Post-Transplant
The Negative Effects of Using Chemical Pesticides and Fertilizers
How to hire a reputable tree service company in Nashville

Trees in Nashville bloom after weeks of rain and lower temperatures

The importance of mulching

How to properly prune your trees

Trees Need Nutrients for Spring Growth